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What Is Yosto?

Join the Advanced Affiliate Network

Yosto Affiliate Network is now open to everyone who is serious about lead generation. Yosto is designed based on our 7-year experience in the affiliate marketing industry. Thanks to our broad expertise, we offer one of the highest conversion rates and cost per lead on the market.

We are constantly expanding into new verticals, paying attention to the needs of our partners. As of now Yosto allows you to work in the following business verticals: Payday, Personal injury, Bankruptcy, Taxes, DUI.

Payday US/UK/CA

With Payday websites, visitors can apply for short term loans until their next pay check and receive cash the next business day.

Auto Insurance

Our websites provide one stop solution for people who are looking to apply for auto insurance. By filling out a simple form, they get quotes from the best auto insurance providers.

Auto Loans

Our Auto Loans websites let people apply for car loans. In this vertical, we have multiple partners which significantly increases the chances of getting an approval.

Title Loans

These websites allow the visitor to apply for a title loan up to $5000 even with a bad credit score.

Personal Loans

With personal loan websites, visitors can apply for up to $5000 personal loan with a low interest rate.

New Verticals

We are working hard and constantly expanding into new verticals. Join us to be the first to learn the latest updates.

How to Make Money?

Multiple Ways to Earn

There are several ways to make money with Yosto. They include: promo sites, forms, API and referral program. You can choose the ones that suit your needs best.

Our promo sites have one of the highest conversion rates in the industry and are constantly being improved to convert even better.

If you have your own website, earning money online can be even easier! Select one of our forms that matches your website design and have them built in using PHP or JavaScript.

Are you dealing with heavy traffic volumes? Use our API to send it to us via separate channels. Even if you have leads that didn’t go anywhere, Yosto has all the remarketing tools available to make your warm leads hot.

Our referral program is another way to make money with Yosto. You can earn 5% of your referral affiliates revenue.

Promo Sites

Send traffic to our exclusive landing pages that were developed as powerful lead capture tools. The conversion rate on our promo sites can reach 60%.



Use our API to manage high volumes of traffic. We will create a separate channel for you to post your traffic to us even easier.


Bring in affiliates to Yosto and get 5% of their revenue. No time limits, get paid as long as you and your referrals work with us.


Choose one of our forms that were developed for various business verticals and devices and embed it in your website.

Earn Easier

We are trying to facilitate the work of our affiliates and are going to offer them even more efficient ways to make money.

Partnership Terms

You Get What You Earn Earn

Yosto offers favorable partnership terms. No Tricks, you will receive fair payments for your work every Monday. Choose one of our payment methods to get your money: WebMoney, PayPal, Wire Transfer, ACH or Check.

Weekly Payments

Get paid every Monday without payment holds


Revenue Share

We offer up to 90% revenue share


Per Lead

Earn up to $185 per lead


Affiliate Support

24/7 - Skype, Email, Phone

At Yosto, we assign a personal manager to each of our affiliates. They’re always ready to help and answer all the questions you might have via Skype, ICQ or email.

We also have a dedicated team of technical specialists, who can help solve your every problem and are open to new business opportunities.

Quick Help

Your personal manager can help you with all the problems via Skype, ICQ or email.

Professional Team

Yosto is operated and constantly improved by a professional team of technical specialists.

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